here's where im writing down all the new music i listen to this year! the goal is to listen to at least one album released each month in 2024 but im not limiting myself 2 only music from this year, "new" also includes albums that are just new 2 me :]


not the best start but its only the first month, didnt listen to much new music but i did get one whole album released this year in which was plastic death by glass beach :) [released: 19/1/24]

i chose this bc i saw some tweets by the band and the name sounded familiar and i remembered that i had liked one song from them before (cold weather). this album was kind of a mixed bag for me i would probably like their first more based on the one song from it i've heard but i think its overall pretty good just not one that i would do a lot of full relistens to. vocal delivery is kind of hit or miss, when listening 2 all music i find it hard to register what words are being sung at the best of times loll but im also not a big lyric guy so i didnt mind too much. i do lovee the cover art i think it looks so cool and really fits the overall vibe of the album.

the opening track coelacanth was really strong its kind of a slow burn but in a way i found enjoyable. the instrumental break at the 5 minute mark really makes it a stand out song 2 me i love when a song builds like this and really explodes by the end. motions was another one that i enjoyed, found the monotony? repetitiveness? of a lot of the vocal delivery a little grating at first but it does fit the lyrics and over the many times i had to restart this album bc i kept getting interrupted the song grew on me a lot. it does have a lot of forward momentum and i love the horns near the end. wasnt really a fan of slip under the door although i appeciate the sound design of the bubbling noises it really makes me think of like, the darkest part of the ocean. guitar song is fine, i think its the vocals bringing it down 4 me i just dont love the delivery.

rare animal is one i think is pretty good idk i feel like is a little too long but i love when it really picks up in the middle it just felt like that should have been the climax of the song. culdesac has a great guitar line and i like the chorus melody, puppy is one of my faves not a lot to say abt it its just one of the more fun energetic songs which is usually what i prefer in music :] also i alwayyys love overlapping vocal lines. the killer had nice strings but it like all the last couple songs just wasnt really to my taste and i dont really remember them that well. commatose i remember liking individual parts more than the whole which isnt that surprising for a 7 minute song.

a couple extras that i listend to were around half of stick season (we'll all be here forever) by noah kahan [released: 9/6/23]. i liked most of what i heard but by the time i got to growing sideways i just found it all a little repetitive and samey and really just wanted to hear dial drunk again lol. will likely give it another try soon bc i would really love to find others that i love as much as dial drunk very easily my fave rn. i remember liking northen attitude (which mainly stands out bc my first thought was "ohh like the p2 author!!") but most of them all kind of blended into each other.

i got recommended found dead at the crime scene by save face [released: 15/11/23] on tumblr and i liked it a lot :] i wont spoil the surprise but if u are a fan of 2000s emo u should absolutely listen this. i havent heard much from them yet but the three on found dead were all very fun and a lesson in dramatics featuring jariah is i think their only other song i've heard which is probably my fave rn.

i also listened to hiss by megan thee stallion and maybe half of big foot by nicki minaj bc i saw so many tweets abt the drama. i have even less to say abt these as i know very little abt rap but i think i can say that megan won lol.


man this one took 4everr with all the wrestling with javascript i had to do i nearly thought i wouldnt get this uploaded until april... sooo happy i finally got the buttons to work :]

anyway first album i listened to this year was prelude to ecstacy by the last dinner party [released: 2/2/24]. i was pretty into it on my first listen but on my second i didnt like it as much. i then started seeing kind of cringe quotes from the singer on twitter lol i still think sinner is pretty great though, probably my fave from the album idk abt the others i dont really feel like doing another listen rn.

heyy an album i was actually anticipating yipeeee! next was gloom division by idkhow [released: 23/2/24] i also ordered this one on cassette which i completely forgot abt so that was a nice thing to get in the mail :]

i lovee the opener, downside, it sounds very old brobecks to me like pre violent things ♥ great solo + melody and its just such a fun upbeat + energetic song, definitely my current fave on the album. gloomtown brats is another top tier song which i remember already mentioning on my blog last year. the bass is sooo good i should try learning it (← hasnt played in months u_u). infatuation and what love? are misses for me sorryyy but spkothdvl is one i like a lot + i generally like when people write abt reactions to their music (on. most occasions. something something fandom something something greatesthits). sonically kind of reminds me of louis xiv pledge of alleigance? (maybe ? i never really listened to them just a few songs back whenever they were mentioned by dallon. sidenote: pretty funny band 4 a mormon to be into)

6ft has been growing on me i like it much more than i did at first, same with kiss and tell which i thought was just ok at first but now really like :] find me, eeughh im not sure abt yet, think im in the minority here others seem to be really into it. i think the verses are good i just dont know abt the LONELY.. LOOKING.. etc robot hook. was sooo hyped to hear a letter again though i cant believe i forgot abt her.. doing those aaaaAAAAHHaaah's with everyone in the crowd when they played it live.. magical ♥ satanic panic + sunnyside are both in my faves, both very fun and energetic but with. pretty different vibes. classic bass moment with satanic and i appreciate the lyrics being unfortunately relevant with the neverending moral panics abt schools or drag queens or graphic novels or accurate history and how much more insane everyone seems to be getting -_- sunnyside i just love the sound of it, like the synths and the guitar texture in the chorus.. kind of bright and shiny to me if that makes any sense at all it just sounds like early summer ← easily one of my fave times of year. idiots of oz is alright but not as good as closers like razzmatazz or boring i think. overall really great album though :3

hearing will joseph cook on sunnyside reminded of the 1 song i had heard from him, girls like me, which i really loved a few years ago so i listened to the rest of sweet dreamer but none of it really hit like girls like me did sorry u_u cute cover art though

due to occasionally activating smart shuffle i realised i actually havent listened to all of modern baseballs albums (the only one i had heard all the way through was sports). going chronologically i went with you're gonna miss it all [released: 11/2/14] for this months ill probably get to the next one in march. anywayyys i obvs really liked it, maybe more than sports? not sure yet.

already heard fine, great, classic. broken cash machine was new 2 me i ♥ the chorus very real and i like when vocals get a little moment 2 themselves before the rest of the instruments come in. rock bottom + apartment i also already had saved but i do want 2 shout out apartment bc its one of my faves ive been singing it 2 myself constantlyyy.

the old gospel choir is another candidate for favourite i havent heard it very much outside of this relisten im doing now but im liking this one a lot. not much 2 say abt notes, and this is getting really long so ill just hit the highlights. going to bed now was a bit of a weird one at first with that kinda hillbilly vibe but the chorus and bridge really makes it, plus a great solo and build to the final chorus :) your graduation i already know but that ones obvs great. really solid closing streak actually knocked it out of the park. two good things i love everything abt; the guitar tone, the bababas, the lyrics the production.. and pothole is a rare chilled/soft/slower song that really appeals 2 me i love the way the chorus increases in. force? emotion? idk. anyway. pretty successful month got 2 albums i love!!


took until may to begin writing this ... was first just procrastinating and THEN midway through april my dog stood on my laptop and broke it so bad it took until may 3rd to fix it x_x

anyway march was a pretty slow month 4 me didnt listen to a ton. The first album i checked out was rebound by kudaranai1nichi [released: 29/4/22] , a j-rock/midwest emo album (without many monthly listeners.. dont usually get to feel like a cool underground music knower). i meant to listen 2 the album that had just released (every last one of them) but it wasnt on spotify and i didnt notice i was listening to a different older album until i was halfway through lol. overall i liked it! right now i dont remember specific tracks that well they mostly blended together except for condition c which is probably my fave i love that main guitar line :]

the next album i listened to was wheres my utopia by yard act which is one of my faves of the year so far! the opener an illusion i think sets the tone really well and the humour is solid, also really love the dreaminess (?) of the chorus + bridge. we make hits one of my faves on the album again im really into songs that are abt being in a band and its just a very fun listen :) down by the stream is interesting not really a traditional song at all but it works well in the context of the album and the message is very clear. The undertow i dont have a lot to say about but the chorus is great. dream job is another fave of mine i just really like dance rock disco influence whatever ← guy who is kind of stupid.

fizzy fish is also not a traditional song so not one i really listen to outside of full album listens but still pretty cool, dont have a lot to say abt petroleum either but it has been growing on me. when the laughter stops is another one of my favourites great bassline, very fun bouncy song that really contrasts with the lyrics which also works extremely well considering the theme of the song. the lyrics of grifters grief also very interesting and the switch up at the end into screaming etc i enjoy a lot. blackpool illuminations i got nothing to say abt you should just listen to it, really beautiful and feels very personal. vineyard for the north also great the outro with the choir and all the overlapping vocal lines obviously appeals 2 me we all know i love that and its nice to end with some hope :)

last album i listened to for this month was the past is still alive by hurray for the riff raff [released: 23/2/24] which i didnt really like sorryyyy just too country for me, the highlights that stood out to me on first listen were buffalo and alibi but i dont really like them enough to go to back to them u_u


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