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back on my island 15:50 15/12/23

lately acnh has become my ludacris in the sadness proximity meter (i become suicidal as soon as i put the game down) which has inspired me to make a page where i can post my process! :) First a little background on my island. i played constantly in 2020 until it was basically completely full but i soon wasnt that happy with the overall design and after watching a bunch of island tour videos i decided to flatten it and start again sometime in 2021 i think. i settled on a theme of a gravity falls style kind of abandoned mystery town which is what im working on now.
the name doesnt totally fit anymore but i didnt want to lose my villagers and all the things i already had lol. i dont have many good screenshots of my old builds except 4 teddy bear park which i only removed this week bc i still quite like it

bear pond
play park

i started working at the entrance building a bus stop next to a road which leads to the town centre. here is where nooks cranny, able sisters and resident services is as well as a diner and convenience store. took all these images at night so u might need to turn ur screen brightness up to see them better >_>

bus stop
road plaza store

to the left of the entrace is the gnome village. a small section of beach is in front of this which currently isnt decorated but im planning to have more gnomes here tying someone down like mabel in the first episode of gravity falls. the gnome village can be accessed by squeezing past vending machines at the bus stop or by the path by the town centre.

gnome village
gnome path

the campsite is up an incline to the right of the main road but ill post pictures later as im not quite finished with it. my current projects are building a lake, a resedential/shopping area on the third level of the town centre and a rock garden (<-nightmare nightmare nightmare) currently have 4/6 rocks in place with one lost and one not spawned back yet.



these are all my original villagers as i decided when i first got the game im not going to let anyone leave until i get their photos which i still have none of. i like them though so i dont mind :)

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map coming soon!

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