born: 23/12/2010
personality: lazy

jack is a labradooodle who loves sleeping on the couch and avoiding honey. he really enjoys going for walks but gets tired now so can't go too far. he used to steal things and destroy them constantly but has become much calmer for the past several years. he is very passive + calm and doesnt care abt most food so will just let honey steal from him. he also likes to sing to the ice cream van :]

born: 23/12/2017
personality: peppy

the baby!! although she isnt a puppy anymore she hasnt stopped acting like one and loves food + cuddles and attention :3 she is a pedigree cocker spaniel and somewhere has a family tree certificate with her ancestors on it (all named things like chocolicious and howdy hamish) she is VERY easily scared by almost anything including bubble wrap, cardboard tubes, masks, balloons, brass instruments (jack however is obsessed with them) and much more.