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welcome to my website! i dont have a lot to say (shy..) but i hope you enjoy your stay. i started working on this website for real in january 2023 as i finally had a laptop instead of just an ipad to code with. its a big work in progress right now but im currently feeling very motivated to improve it ^_^ mostly bc i dont want to use any of my other socials rn due to them making me feel bad. This home page iteration was created from scratch in december 2023 after many failed previous attempts.

to do list
  • new/updated about page
  • graphics page
  • start shrines
  • overcast kids webring
  • update collections
  • new links page
  • faves rn
  • manga im reading
whats new?
  • 9/5/2024 - finally posted my march listening log... hopefully i'll get april up soon!
  • 14/3/2024 - uploaded february listening log! spent a tonn of time figuring out javascript to make the butons work
  • 12/2/2024 - fixed my minor issues that were bugging me with the home page, now i can finally add the music page :]
  • 07/2/2024 - new music listening log for january completed!
  • 27/1/2024 - small home update
  • 28/12/2023 - huge update to my fob collection. added javascript and entries for all the vinyl i currently own plus a few extra things.. going to be an extremely slow process getting that page up to date orz
  • 23/12/2023 - made a new welcome page ^_^ nice to work on something simple after spending so long on the home page
  • 17/12/2023 - began work on new home page. i think its a big improvement :]

About the Webmaster

lee | 18th november 2001 | ♂
i dont think im very interesting but here is some info about me. im 22 and live in scotland. i recently dropped out of college due to mental health issues, now working on getting better with help from my counsellor as i got sick of living miserably. i was studying sound production hoping to be a live engineer but i've realised im not cut out for it and now i live at home with very few prospects other than my online store. some of the things i still enjoy are music, art (sometimes), video games, manga, my dogs and coding (when it works -_-).

slightly out of date now but for more information check out myspace to see my old about page. might be replaced soon or just updated idk yet

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